The pattern of a woman’s menstruation is a reflection of various aspects of her health and physiology. Apart from being relevant for menstrual disorders or fertility issues, it gives the practitioner an insight into inherent patterns affecting other aspects of her health – so don’t be surprised if you have come for help with migraines or asthma and are asked about your menstruation! Menstrual pain or clots may be common, but Chinese medicine does not view them as normal. Similarly, bleeding which is either scant, too heavy, or which trickles on for too long, or a menstrual cycle which is shorter than 26 days, or longer than 31 days, is not considered optimal, and represents underlying problems of imbalanced energies. Chinese medicine has its own traditional approaches to problems associated with women’s menstrual health. For more information, go to “Articles” in the “Fertility” and “Women’s Health” sections.